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Featured on Jay Leno's Garage!


"The unique alarm system developed and patented by Hard 2 Top Products, has been referred to as "The Next Generation in Convertible Vehicle Security and Safety".

Now, personal items can be left in your convertible with the same confidence of leaving them in a hard top vehicle.

The installation of the Hard 2 Top System will not impair the normal operation of your convertible top and actually serves as additional insulation and protection from the elements and noise.

Talk with your present insurance underwriter, and ask them about additional premium credits for installing our system in your convertible."

Press Release

Hard 2 Top Products Receives Endorsement from Jay Leno for the company’s Entry Deterrent Alarm System for Soft Top and Soft Sided Vehicles

March 28th, 2012:  Hard 2 Top Products (H2TP) announced today that it received endorsement from Jay Leno for the company’s Entry Deterrent Alarm System for soft top and soft sided vehicles. Leno, host of NBC’s Tonight Show, one of the auto industry’s biggest fans, car and motorcycle collector extraordinaire was intrigued with Roy Ramirez’s (owner H2TP) unique patented invention. Leno described the Entry Deterrent Alarm System as “…a really, really clever product...so clever it’s a wonder that no one thought of it before now”.

One of the main reasons why potential customers shy away from buying soft top convertible cars is because of their vulnerability to being broken in to. Ramirez’s invention significantly reduces this vulnerability by offering an alarm system and Kevlar (bullet proof vest material) sandwich within the standard roof mechanism.

The unique system developed and patented by H2TP has been referred to by industry experts as "The Next Generation in Convertible Vehicle Security and Safety".

Ramirez holds four patents covering his invention with a further two patents pending. As also picked up on by Leno during the interview with Ramirez, the invention can be used for a wide variety of applications including “…motorcycle, aircraft and boat covers, military tents, in fact all types of bags and covers where security could be a issue”.

H2TP initially plans to develop entry deterrent alarm system tops for convertible vehicles including customized automobiles upon request.

For more information about this revolutionary and unique Entry Deterrent Alarm System, visit Hard 2 Top Products website and complete an order form or contact us directly:

Roy Ramirez   (405) 755-5057   email: roy.ramirez@hard2topproducts.com

Robert Cottingham   (915) 227-5247   email: sales@hard2topproducts.com


Security Combining both the latest Entry Alarm Systems with Technically Advanced Ultra Sensitive Entry Deterrent Materials, makes any forced entry into your convertible vehicle, virtually impossible.

Stability The stability of our integrated system reduces false alarms.  The system reacts solely to any forced entry attempt.


Safety The system is so sensitive that penetration from an object as small as a needles point causes the alarms activation.