First incorporated in 1998, Hard 2 Top Products, Inc. developed and refined a security product for multiple uses.  The secure convertible top protecting both driver and contents of a vehicle was first in development.  Working from the patent attained by owner and CEO Roy Ramirez, Hard 2 Top Products was able to create a full-size prototype for demonstration and marketing of the product.  Mr. Ramirez holds the exclusive patent for the "soft-sided security system" with a built-in alarm system manufactured to resist any "forced-entry" into a convertible, soft-sided or otherwise "open" vehicle.

The technology creates a secure barrier, protecting occupants and contents of such vehicles and allows for the barrier to be linked with a security system.  It is the only product currently on the market that integrates with a vehicle security system and offers the flexibility of soft-sides. 

This entry by the initial product into the niche convertible market has resulted in the formation of Hard 2 Top Manufacturing, Inc.; a spin-off venture that will take the patent technology further, developing new products and expanding the uses for the core materials.  Expanding to include pickup truck owners offers access to a large pool of potential manufacturing and after-market customers needing a secure bed cover (also known as a tonneau cover).

The company's products offer the convenience of easy stowing and access, in addition to the security component essential to many consumers.  The patented technology uses a material that is tear resistant and combines it with the latest in forced entry prevention electronics.  The result is a system that is sensitive to something so small as a puncture from a common needle, thus sounding the alarm; but not so overly sensitive that it reacts to common occurrences such as wind or rain.


Tonneau Covers

There are other companies marketing covers.  However, these products are useful only in concealing the contents, with a minimum of "forced-entry" resistance.  None of the covers currently on the market offer either integration with a current alarm or a built-in alarm system that will sound when forced entry is attempted.

Hard cover or "clam shell" covers lack the flexibility or 'look' of the "soft" cover.  While several versions of these types of covers are available, none offer an alarm component.