..."1966 marked the all time high in convertible sales gaining eight percent of the new car market.  Since then, convertible sales have dropped.  Today, the convertible market can only claim a two and three quarter percent share of new car sales.

We're confident that with the introduction of the Hard 2 Top Security System, in combination with the updated manufacture and design developments, the convertible can secure a five percent portion of the market..."

R. Curtis Fischbach, Executive Consultant, Product Development CTS, NA (Convertible Top Systems - North America)

..."This is the first new innovation for convertible vehicles in thirty years"...

Mark Robbins, Vice President, Robbins Auto Tops

"It's no longer necessary to leave your convertible open with the top down"...

Tim LeClair, West Coast Marketing, LAMART Corporation

"The materials used in the Hard 2 Top System, gives a convertible virtually the same protection and security as a hard top vehicle"...

Brian Foy, Spruance Plant, DuPont Corporation



You've made the investment, now get the security of the total protection system for convertible vehicles.